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The patient travel program is partially funded by the First Nations Health Authority through NTC. Toquaht citizens traveling for medical and dental appointments can access financial support to cover travel related costs. To learn about eligible costs under the program, please visit The First Nations Health Authority.

Toquaht Nation has a Patient Travel Top-Up Program to provide more equitable support for citizens traveling for medical purposes so they don’t need to pay out of pocket to have their health needs met. The program increases mileage and meal rates for expenses when traveling for medical purposes. Eligible meals will depend on the length of time required for travel to your appointments. Support for unusual circumstances may also be available.

Citizens who travel for medical and dental appointments are reminded to submit a “Confirmation of Appointment” form to the patient travel clerk after their appointment. This will allow you to receive travel funds before your appointment. Citizens must also submit a “Confirmation of Attendance” to the patient travel clerk. Citizens who do not submit confirmation of attendance may not be able to receive funds in advance for future appointments. Confirmation of attendance can be provided by your medical practitioner. 

Questions and requests can be directed to the patient travel clerk Noreen Frank by email at Please ensure that you are eligible for the program before applying, and note that it only covers travel related expenses, not medical costs.