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Toquaht Nation is committed to supporting the well-being of our masčim (citizens) and helping them to return home to Macoah. One of the biggest obstacles to this is the limited availability of housing. In 2017–2018, eight rental homes were constructed in Macoah, which nearly doubled the community’s population. However, the Toquaht Housing Need and Demand Study identified a need for additional housing.

To address this need, three new 3-bedroom detached homes are currently under construction using Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) construction. This building method is known for its energy efficiency, strength, and resistance to rotting compared to conventional wood frame structures. The new homes are set to be completed by Spring 2023, and will provide much-needed housing options for our citizens.

For more information on Toquaht Nation’s housing initiatives, please contact Naomi at or at 250-726-4230.

Renting at Macoah

Toquaht Nation owns and operates ten rental homes, which include two detached homes and four duplexes with 2 or 3 bedroom units, totaling eight units. These homes are rented at market or below market rates in accordance with the TN Housing Act & Housing Regulation

To add your name to the social and market housing waitlist, complete the Eligibility Application and submit it to Naomi at The Eligibility Application will determine if you qualify for social or market housing, and it must be completed in full. 

When a rental unit becomes available, all citizens on the relevant waitlist will be invited to submit an Allocation Application if interested in the vacant unit. The Toquaht Housing Committee will make allocation decisions based on Toquaht law.

Home Ownership at Macoah

Toquaht citizens who do not own homes in Macoah or have not owned a lot in Macoah before can obtain information about lot ownership by contacting Brett Freake, Manager of Lands and Resources, at A limited number of bare lots are available.