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The Toquaht Executive appoints the Holdings Board to oversee seven operating companies, including:

  • Barkley Sound Shellfish LP
  • Toquaht Developments LP
  • Toquaht Enterprises LP
  • Toquaht Forestry LP
  • Toquaht Industries LP
  • Toquaht Management LP
  • Toquaht Marina and Campground Ltd

Each company is briefly described below, and periodic updates are provided at the Toquaht People’s Assembly. ​​

For more information or if you have any questions about potential job opportunities, contact Noah Plonka, Director of Business Operations, via email at

Maa-nulth Treaty Documentary | Secret Beach marina and Toquaht Foresty Segment (24:55-26:15)

Barkley Sound Shellfish Ltd.

Barkley Sound Shellfish Ltd. (BSS) oversees the Toquaht Nation’s commercial tenures and aquaculture interests. BSS manages various oyster, clam and scallop operations and is actively pursuing new shellfish opportunities such as geoduck.

Barkley Sound Shellfish Ltd. Fishermen

Toquaht Developments Ltd.

Toquaht Developments Ltd (TDLP) is responsible for managing Toquaht Nation’s sawmill operations. They lease land from the Toquaht Nation and own equipment for lumber manufacturing and firewood processing. Currently, TDLP is producing lumber and firewood products for the general public, while prioritizing the timber product requirements of Toquaht Nation and Toquaht Corporations.

In order to maintain full-time employment and secure timber as needed, TDLP is actively collaborating with other businesses, timber suppliers, and salvage companies.

Toquaht Enterprises Ltd.

Toquaht Enterprises Ltd holds woodlot license W1903 with an AAC of 5500m3.

Toquaht Forestry LP

Toquaht Forestry LP is committed to sustainable forest management. In 2021, we completed reforestation of all areas logged under the licence to the end of 2020 and planted additional areas of Toquaht Nation lands. Our regeneration and free-growing silviculture survey program has indicated good regeneration success.

In addition to this, we have successfully salvaged bridge timbers from deactivated lots and harvested from waste left in previously logging blocks, as well as timber damaged through windthrow. We have also provided mapping and technical review on proposed old growth deferral areas.

The Partnership will be involved in forestry and related activities, as well as any necessary incidental activities and other approved business ventures.

Forest licence A19234 is a volume-based replaceable forest licence issued by the Province of BC, which currently allows for an annual allowable cut (AAC) of 37,031 cubic meters of timber in the Arrowsmith Timber Supply Area (TSA).

Toquaht Industries LP

Toquaht Industries LP (TILP) manages and operates the dryland sort (DLS), which is used as an industrial log sort and booming ground for local forest industry operations. Toquaht Forestry Limited Partnership, Barkley Community Forest Corporation, BC Timber Sales, Toquaht Nation, Toquaht Enterprises (W1903), and other industrial users are potential customers.

TILP’s business model is to charge users a “gate fee” for access and use of the DLS, which will pay a share of annual operating and maintenance costs. However, it does not include any equipment, manpower, first aid, or supervision. Each company using the site is responsible for providing all of these items and removing all sort debris from the site at their own cost.

At this time, the DLS can only be used for log handling, as defined in the Licence of Occupation tenure with the Province of BC. TILP plans to expand the scope of industrial uses allowed on the DLS in the future.

Toquaht Management Ltd.

Toquaht Management Ltd. is responsible for owning and managing assets on behalf of the Toquaht Nation government. One of its assets includes the Toquaht Nation administration office, which is leased back to the Toquaht Nation.

Toquaht Marina and Campground Ltd.

Toquaht Marina and Campground, currently operating as Secret Beach Campground, offers recreational services and space to visitors looking to explore our beautiful traditional territory.

The previous campground was shut down after discovering environmental contaminants from a mining operation in the 1960s.

Since 2013, Secret Beach Campground & Kayak Launch has been providing visitors access to Barkley Sound and the world-famous Broken Group Islands, featuring 67 campsites and a kayak launch. Overnight parking and boat launch access are available.

The campground is open from May to September, and reservations can be made here

Regular upgrades are made to the site, including improved access roads, an expanded kayak launch area, additional moorage slips at the boat launch, a bike track, and washroom renovations. Upgrades to the trail system and utilities infrastructure are expected in the near future.