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Toquaht envisions a healthy community where our masčim have the opportunity to meet their social, spiritual, and economic needs.


Toquaht supports our masčim to thrive  by being innovative and providing high-quality programs and services within a fair, transparent, accountable, and sustainable governance system.

Guiding Principles

  • hišukma c̕awaak – Everything is one
  • qwaaʔaƛin c̕awaak – How we are one
  • ʔuuʔałuk – Taking care of one another
  • ʔiisaak – Highest respect

Strategic Plan 2021–2024

Our strategic plan outlines the key areas of focus for Toquaht Nation as we strive to become a stronger self-governing nation. This plan is rooted in our culture and traditions. From 2021 to 2024, our efforts will concentrate on the following goals:

  1. Build masčim and Government Capacity 
  2. Build Infrastructure 
  3. Grow the Economy
  4. Foster masčim and Community Well-being 

For detailed information on the goals and strategies planned for each strategic priority, please refer to the full Strategic Plan 2021–2024.