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Activities at t̓uk̓ʷaaʔatḥiic hišimyiły̓ak (Toquaht Gathering Place)

Language activities

To celebrate and preserve Toquaht’s cultural heritage, the Culture Group gathers in Macoah regularly for drumming, singing, dancing, and discussions on cultural teachings and protocols.

We also provide equipment for citizens to do their own canning, smoking, and vacuum packing of fish to promote access to traditional foods.

There is also a weekly language group that gathers in Macoah for citizens interested in learning how to speak their language. Toquaht can support citizens who are interested in traveling to Macoah to attend culture and language activities with travel funding. Contact Lisa Morgan at for more information.

Cultural activities

Join us for a variety of regular group activities at t̓uk̓ʷaaʔatḥiic hišimyiły̓ak in Macoah. Activities may include cooking, art, cultural activities, wellness, and fitness classes. If you have any ideas or questions about the recreational activities you would like to attend, please contact Lisa Morgan at

Check out our Community Calendar for upcoming workshops and activities.