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Toquaht Nation recognizes and values the significance of government-to-government relationships. We are dedicated to fostering respectful connections with various levels of government, including regional, First Nations, provincial, and federal entities. Our commitment lies in actively contributing to reconciliation efforts and ensuring a better future for generations to come.

As a Treaty Nation, we hold a unique position in governing our land and people, regardless of their residence. This responsibility encompasses functions that were previously managed by regional, provincial, and federal authorities. For instance, through the Maa-nulth Treaty, Toquaht Nation holds a voting seat on the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District Board of Directors, alongside other Maa-nulth counterparts. This grants us a voice in decisions made at the municipal level that may impact our Nation and people.

As one of the five Maa-nulth Nations, Toquaht collaborates closely with the other Nations to coordinate and cooperate on matters of shared economic, political, legal, and financial interests. This includes areas such as domestic fishing, resource harvesting regions, and tripartite treaty responsibilities involving the Nations, British Columbia, and Canada.

Toquaht Nation also maintains close partnerships with the District of Tofino, the District of Ucluelet, the Alliance of British Columbia Modern Treaty Nations, as well as regional, municipal, and provincial government-to-government groups. Through these collaborations, we foster mutual understanding and work towards shared objectives.