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In the event of an emergency, it’s essential to have quick and direct access to the right people who can help. Here you’ll find the contact details for our Toquaht Nation Government representatives who can assist you with a range of emergency situations. Citizens who are trying to reach family members are encouraged to reach out directly to the following contacts. 

General emergencies, government to government, and emergency services

Trudy Warner
Interim Director of Operations

Medical, health, social services, and more

Lisa Morgan
Director of Community Services

Wildfire, tsunami, utilities issues, and more*

David Johnsen
Director of Lands, Public Works, and Resources

*If there’s an emergency that calls for Macoah village to evacuate, residents will gather at t̓uk̓ʷaaʔatḥiic ƛuułsituʔap – Toquaht’s Wastewater Treatment Plant for safety. The building doesn’t have communication facilities at the moment. Toquaht Nation Government will keep citizens who don’t live in Macoah updated through their website and social media.