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The Toquaht Nation’s governance and corporate structure is founded on the principles of the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development. This ensures that our businesses operate independently, with a high level of accountability, integrity, and transparency, separate from our political affairs.

To learn more about our corporate structure, check out this infographic. You can find a detailed description of how our administration operates below.

Economic Development 

Within the Toquaht Nation’s administration, an Economic Development Officer helps create opportunities, develops feasibility studies and business plans, and provides general advice. The Toquaht Nation Council appoints the Economic Development Committee, consisting of up to seven people with specific business expertise or knowledge of Toquaht lands and culture, to give them advice.

Corporate Oversight and Management

The Toquaht Executive appoints three people to form a Holdings Board, which enters into a limited partnership with the Toquaht Nation to provide high-level business oversight of Toquaht corporations. Two members of the Holdings Board are from the Economic Development Committee, while the third person is chosen for their particular business or development expertise. The Holdings Board approves the corporation’s annual plans and budgets, approves major expenses, and provides reports about the corporation’s financial and operational circumstances to the Toquaht Executive.

Day-to-day Operations 

The Holdings Board appoints a five-person Operating Board to oversee the “day-to-day” affairs of Toquaht businesses. This Operating Board develops annual plans for the businesses, prepares budgets, and develops policies and procedures necessary for the businesses. The Director of Business Operations develops annual plans for the businesses and presents them to the Operating Board for input and approval. Following approval, the Operating Board requests approval from the Holdings Board.