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People’s Assembly

Toquaht Nation hosts a People’s Assembly every quarter, providing an opportunity for Toquaht citizens to participate in their government’s business. This is a chance to learn about the initiatives and programs that staff are working on and provide input on these matters.

At least one People’s Assembly is held in-person every year at the t̓uk̓ʷaaʔatḥiic hišimyiły̓ak (Toquaht Gathering Place) in m̓aʔaquuʔa (Macoah). The remaining assemblies are held virtually via Zoom. All citizens receive an email invitation, so please ensure that the Toquaht office has your updated contact information.

You can check the Community Calendar to find out the date and location of the next People’s Assembly.

Other Upcoming Events

Activities in m̓aʔaquuʔa (Macoah) and Port Alberni are included in our Community Calendar for specific details.

Events that will be featured include:

  • Culture Group (held on site at t̓uk̓ʷaaʔatḥiic hišimyiły̓ak)
  • Elder’s group (held on site at t̓uk̓ʷaaʔatḥiic hišimyiły̓ak)
  • Tluu-piich (Summer) Games (Port Alberni)

Citizen Travel Policy

Toquaht citizens can apply for travel expense reimbursement under the Citizen Travel Policy for attending the People’s Assembly or other official Toquaht business. Reimbursement requests will be processed after the travel is completed. This policy replaces the “Toquaht Nation People’s Assembly Travel Policy.”