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Under the Emergency Preparedness Act, Toquaht Nation must maintain an essential level of preparedness for emergencies and disasters on Toquaht lands. We are committed to implementing our emergency preparedness and response plans to ensure the safety of the community and first responders. 

We have two emergency preparedness teams:

Macoah Emergency Team (MET)

  • The MET is our boots-on-the-ground team that can respond to emergencies in Macoah.

Emergency Management Committee (EMC)

  • The EMC is our emergency operations centre team that coordinates and oversees emergency responses.

Ongoing training and emergency drill activities occur throughout the year for both groups. Every year we build our capacity by purchasing equipment to enhance their capabilities and effectiveness such as communications equipment, personal protective equipment, and installing fire boxes. In 2023, we installed a new tsunami siren that will ensure that the community is alerted in the event of a tsunami and must evacuate to higher ground.