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The Toquaht right to harvest, as set out in the Maa-nulth Final Agreement, covers the entire Maa-nulth harvesting area described in various appendices to the Maa-nulth Final Agreement. However, in accordance with customary nuučaan̓uł principles, each Maa-nulth First Nation has agreed to exercise their Treaty harvesting rights within their own traditional territory.

Members of Toquaht have the right to harvest in their harvesting area for the purposes of food, social or ceremonial use and to trade or barter, but not sell, their harvest with other Indigenous people living in BC. Members of Toquaht may exercise their hunting or fishing rights by carrying a valid Harvesting Card issued by the Toquaht Nation and if they report their harvest or catch to the Toquaht Nation. Harvesting on private land within the traditional territory is restricted.

For additional information about harvesting in the Toquaht harvesting area or elsewhere, or about how to acquire a Harvesting Card, please contact Dennis Hetu, Administrator of Lands, Public Works and Resources, at or at 250-726-4230 (ext. 231) or 1-877-726-4230 ext. 231 (toll-free).


To support Toquaht citizens who are unable to harvest fish and aquatic plants in their traditional territories, the Toquaht Nation organizes fish distributions a few times a year. This is a privilege, not a right, and the goal is to maximize fish allocations and preserve fish in ways that are most useful for citizens, such as smoking, half-smoking, canning, or providing fresh fish.

Fish distributions are dependent on weather, fishermen, and the fish catch, so they are typically last-minute events. The Toquaht Nation delivers to one central place in Macoah, Ucluelet, and Port Alberni, and citizens must arrange their own transportation from there. Exceptions can be made for Elders with prior arrangements with the office.

Toquaht citizens are responsible for ensuring that the Toquaht Nation has their current phone number for communication purposes, and the Domestic Fish Distribution Policy provides further information about the distributions. For any questions about fish distributions, contact Dennis Hetu, Administrator of Lands, Public Works and Resources, by email at or by phone at 250-726-4230 (ext. 231) or 1-877-726-4230 ext. 231 (toll-free).