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Post-Secondary Support

To help Toquaht citizens pursue employment-related training, post-secondary education, and trades education, the Community Services department offers various supports to ease the financial burden. Check out the Toquaht Education and Training Support Policy for detailed information.

To be eligible for education and training funding, Toquaht citizens must be accepted (or awaiting acceptance into) an eligible program at a designated post-secondary, education, or training institute. Please read the policy thoroughly before submitting an application as it has several deadlines and obligations, and covers a wide range of opportunities and situations. 

The Post-Secondary Funding Application Checklist provides a quick overview of the documents that you will need to provide. 

You will need to complete and submit the three forms below to determine eligibility:

  1. Education and Training Support Funding Application Form
  2. Basic Needs Assessment Form
  3. Student Integrity Agreement

During a student’s first year of education, they are required to provide a monthly progress report. That form, Progress Attendance Form, can be submitted to Pamela Frey at by the 10th day of every month.

Recreation Fund

Toquaht citizens under 26 years old are eligible to receive an annual allowance to participate in healthy recreational activities and extracurricular field trips outside the regular school curriculum. The Recreation Fund covers the cost of organized activities, as well as related supplies or equipment. For example, if a youth is interested in playing soccer, costs such as registration fees, required shoes/uniform, and travel for out-of-town tournaments are eligible expenses.

Applications for the Recreation Fund can be completed by a Toquaht student or their parent or guardian and can be submitted at any time throughout the year. Funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Refer to the Recreation Fund Policy for more information.

To apply, complete the Youth Recreation Fund Application and email it to

Below is a list of forms that may be needed by students: 

Academic Probation

All first-year students and continuing students placed on academic probation must complete the Post-Secondary Student TERM Progress Report after each term.

Attending a Private or Non-Canadian Institute

Toquaht students planning to attend a foreign or private institute must complete and submit the Application Form to Attend a Private or Foreign Institution.

Medical and Compassionate Withdrawal

Toquaht students returning to their studies after a medical or compassionate withdrawal must complete and submit the Return to Funding After a Medical or Compassionate Withdrawal Form.

Tutor Support

To determine eligibility for tutor support, Toquaht students can complete the Tutor Support Form.

Appeal Process

Toquaht citizens whose education funding was denied can appeal the decision by submitting the Post-Secondary Funding Decision Appeal Form.

Any citizens interested in post-secondary education, trades, training, or adult basic education support can contact Pamela Fry at for additional information.