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The Official Community Plan (OCP) outlines Toquaht Nation’s priorities for stewarding, developing and managing Toquaht Lands, and is required under our Planning and Land Use Management Act. Our last OCP was adopted in March 2016 after engaging with Toquaht citizens from 2012–2016 and can be viewed here

We started updating our OCP in 2022 to reflect our growing community, investment in housing, community facilities, infrastructure, changes in climate and our local economy, and the acquisition of new lands. A detailed OCP will help coordinate our efforts to develop and steward Toquaht lands according to our values.

Toquaht citizens have many opportunities to participate throughout this process, which is ongoing currently until November 2023. Watch for project updates at

For more information, contact Brett Freake, Manager of Lands and Resources, by email at, or by phone at 250-726-4230 ext. 261.